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If you are wanting to make a small payment to get a link listed, then STOP and read the below first. If you are wanting to make $10 gift payment say "thank you", then go right ahead and ignore the below. Your monetary gift is greatly appreciated!

With that said, if you are wanting to get listed, then you have 3 options.

1) I will list a website for free under the "My Web Finds" category if it is sent to me and I think it is in my mind worthy. I can tell you that 90% of the time most emailed links won't get listed for free.

2) If I don't include it, but it is still worthy in your mind as a webmaster or site representative for such website, and I too mutually agree that it is a contender, then I will post it for a one time, lifetime fee of $250 under the "My Web Finds" category. An example of this would be some blogs that I don't regularly read.

3) If I deam it not worthy nor related to an interesting site, or more so to just be listed for web ranking reasons or for sales/traffic reasons, and you still want it on here, then I will include it at the fee of $100/yr per link. In this case, it will go in the "Other Web Finds" category near the bottom of the page. I will send you an annual renewal notice. An example of these types of ads would be paid casino or gaming text ads.

4) If it is a product YouTube video that you want showcased, then that can be placed for $250/yr under the "Cool Products of the Moment" category as a video player.

Email Steve at to discuss.


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