Steven King's Web Finds
Steven King's Web Finds

Welcome to, a website based in the U.S.A. My name is Steven King, and this is one of my many project websites. As you know, the web is riddled with informative, cool, useful and entertaining websites. However, there are a select bunch that I deem as the "cream of the crop" or the "best of the best", and are worthy of sharing with the world. This site will showcase them. From my web surfing travels, I hope to share with you some unique, informative, and also some of the absolute coolest websites that you may have never knew existed. Enjoy!!!

The links in Bold are links that I check to start off my day. Sort of my daily grind I suppose.

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My Web Finds: (100+ Web Finds Updated 4-24-17)

  • Great Big Story - A social video network for the jaw-droppingly awesome.
  • Rare Historical Photos - Some of the most iconic photos in history.
  • Bored Panda - Creative pics.
  • What if? - For those that ever wondered about specific "what if" situations.
  • ZergNet - Discover interesting articles.
  • AccuRadio - Free streaming music.
  • The Crazy, Hot Matrix - One of the best (funny) videos I've seen in a while. A+
  • Impulse Buy - Prepare to be hungry! Great reviews and new "on the shelf" products.
  • Vine - Endless selection of short, looping video clips.
  • 27 Photos That Demonstrate The Power Of Makeup - WOW!
  • Google's Music Timeline - Click on graph to dwell deeper.
  • Gold Visualized in Bullion Bars - Very cool infographics!
  • Bad Newspaper - Shocking and funnies that made it to print.
  • Meme Pix - Funny pics and videos.
  • Dude I Want That! - Gift Guide of Gadgets, Gear, Novelties and Zombies.
  • Werd - Men's cool gear, gadgets and style.
  • Manteresting - Interesting things for men. Similar to Pinterest format. My new favorite website.
  • LOL Wall - Funny Pins. Similiar to Pinterest format.
  • Franklin Mint's Monopoly - OMG, are these sets nice or what?!?!
  • The Awesomer - Awesome video web finds.
  • Deer Trail Cams - Live in Minnesota. Will you spot one? Tip: Click videos 4-way arrow to enlarge live cam.
  • Wimp - Best online videos
  • Honor the Fallen - R.I.P. my military comrades.
  • Pinterest - Found some great recipes here!
  • Sally's Baking Addiction - OMFG .......... YUM!!!
  • My Modern Metropolis - Where art enthusiasts and trendspotters connect over creative ideas.
  • That's So Michelle - Get ready to get your YUM on!
  • Real Aging Woman - Real animation of a young woman growing up and aging over many decades.
  • Age Maps - Two photos of the same person, from different times (child and adult) are spliced together.
  • Crazy Fads - From 1920 to 2000s they list all of the craziest fads that have come and gone.
  • Major Religions of the World Ranked - Ranked by number of adherents. Where does your religion rank?
  • American Indian Population Map - A nationwide visual.
  • Amusing Planet - Amazing planet, wonderful people, weird stuff!
  • Embarrasing Night Club Photos - A cool concept for a Facebook page.
  • Busted! - The largest arrest and mugshot database in the world.
  • Darwinism (Facebook Page) - It is the one that is the most adaptable to change that survives.
  • Swank Pics - Crazy pics and emails compiled by Mr. Todd Swank.
  • The Sound of Rain - This can be sooooooooooo relaxing.
  • Coursera - Take the World's Best Courses, Online, For Free. Tip: Click preview to skip registration.
  • Mars Panorama - Ever wonder what it looks like to be on another planet? Now you can see!
  • Flash Face - A flash based app that lets you create composite face drawings. Thanks Marlin for the link!
  • Sometimes Interesting - Weird, Forgotten and Sometimes Interesting Things. Tip: See "Top Posts" links on right.
  • CNN Photos - Nice collection!
  • The Aging of a Rock Star - Wait till you see these pics! Poor Steve Perry, lol. Joan Jett though, amazing.
  • Live Leak's Must See Videos
  • Redneck Playground - A funny and OMG! pictorial Facebook page.
  • Every World Press Photo Winner From 1955-2011
  • Documentary Heaven - Watch free documentaries. Very entertaining.
  • Time Light Box - Photos!
  • The Snowman Project - Unique, funny snowman photos. A Facebook group.
  • 100 Tons of Explosives Detonated - Cool video, so turn up the speakers!
  • U.S.A Mega Full Screen Live Radar - Pretty cool!
  • Picnik - Tweak your photos FOR FREE online till your hearts content.
  • Google Earth Cool Places - Find and share all weird, cool, beautiful places on earth from above.
  • Khan Acadamy - Provides a free world-class video education to anyone anywhere. I love this site!
  • Best of Twisted Sifter - Best of the visual web, sifted & sorted.
  • Blogs of Note - Interesting and noteworthy Blogger-powered blogs, compiled by the Google team.
  • Devastating Explosions - With a simple click of your mouse you can unleash the explosions. Also, see this!
  • Bizarre Signs - Just as the sites name reads. Bizarre!
  • It's always snowing here! - Catch a flake and read it!
  • Earthquake Hazard Program - Did you feel one? If so, check this site!
  • Visual Consumer - Funny and interesting photos that you must see!
  • Iconic Photos - Viewer discretion advised. Older entries link at bottom of page.
  • Charts Bin - Visualize interesting data like these most viewed.
  • Cool Hunting - You never know what cool trend this site will show you next.
  • Flashy Blinky Lights - LED Heaven!!!
  • Acme Mapper - Nice LARGE map source using google maps.
  • In Focus - News stories in photographs. Tip: Click "more photos" below each picture.
  • From Me to You - UNIQUE!! Animated GIF Photography Blog.
  • Radiation Map - Radiation levels around the world, updated every minute. Avg. 5-60 CPM. Alert above 100 CPM.
  • Look At This ... - Cataloguing the whole of the interwebs one multi-link post at a time.
  • Solar System Scope - VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! Real-time celestial positions.
  • Crypto Me - Documents & pictures on national security & intelligence. (ex. These high-res Japan nuclear pics)
  • Back to the Future Photo Project - Same person, but later pics. Cool!
  • USA Illegal Drug Lab Locations - Was there one in your neighborhood? Find out here!
  • "Live" UFO Event Map - UFO reporting map via MUFON.
  • Century of Meat Consumption - Interesting meat consumption chart. Also see the U.S. Ancestry Map.
  • Famous Objects from Classic Movies - How many can you get correct?
  • Emergency & Disaster Map - Keeping you informed worldwide. Based in Hungary.
  • Dating 1961 - Funny video. If you liked that one, then watch this one.
  • Presidential Approval Tracker - See how each president since the 40s has fared in the approval poll.
  • Newseum - Daily newspaper front pages from around the world.
  • Indeed - Search millions of jobs from company web sites, job boards and newspapers via one search.
  • USA Average Gas Price Chart - Tip: Click the 6 year link at the top of chart.
  • Link Worth - A new way to make BIG MONEY from your website.
  • Monoface - Bored? Keep clicking on different parts of the picture.
  • Sitter City - When you just can't find a sitter.
  • Live People Webcams - Safe to view via the Justin webcam network.
  • Universe to Scale - Zoom in or out for a unique perspective!
  • English Russia - A visual view of Russia as seldom seen.
  • This Day - This day, sometime in the past, somewhere in the world ...
  • Literally - Pictures taken "literally".
  • Rarely Seen Pictures of North Korea - Photos commented on by visitor.
  • Where Did My Tax Dollars Go? - See the breakdown for your hard earned moolah.
  • Reverse Phone Number Look Up - When you just need to know who's callin'. Free service. Get Widget Here!
  • Global Rich List - How does your salary stack up against the rest of the world?
  • Redneck Fishing Tournament - Yep, a real event in the midwest (USA) where fish fly kamikazi. Watch videos.

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  • Awkward Family Photos - All that I can say is wow!
  • Extreme Pumpkins - Unique pictures of carved pumpkins.
  • Sled Riding Locations Across North America - My winter hobby site that I had to share.
  • Worth Monkey - Find out what your electronics (and more) are worth before you sell.
  • Officer Down - Honoring our fallen officers. Also Faces of the Fallen honors our fallen in Iraq & Afghanistan.
  • Post Secret - People mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.
  • Kuriositas - A visually stimulating blog. Can you believe this is in the Arctic Circle.
  • The Crime Scene Blog - Southwestern Missouri's losers. Interesting cases even if you aren't from the area.
  • National Geographic Photo of the Day - Awesome daily pics! Do a double take at this one.
  • Baseball Salary vs. Performance - What baseball teams are spending their money well?
  • This is why you are FAT! - Food photos that say it all. Older posts link at bottom of page.
  • Yahoo Answers - Got an unanswered question? Get answers for free! Also browse asked questions.
  • Website Similitary Search - I love it! Tip: After search, use slide bar on left to enhance similarity or popularity.
  • Ask a Mechanic for FREE! - You can also diagnose a problem here.
  • Topix Local Forum Search - What are people chatting about in your area?
  • Coolest Christmas Lights Video Ever! - Ok, ok, I had to plug one of my creation pages. Speakers up!
  • DMOZ - Largest open directory project. Google has one too here. Get lost for days!
  • Company Complaint Search - Search at top of page. Also try BBB Search.
  • Academic Earth - Can't make it to college? Recorded videos are here! Also see YouTube EDU. For example.
  • Webtender Drink Browser - For legal adults to try something new. Also try the search.
  • Amazing Captured Photos
  • Family Watchdog Search - Are there offenders near you? Find out now and be aware.
  • Internet Speed Test - My home download was 2.8 mb/s and my work download was 16 mb/s. What's yours?
  • Still Tasty - How long will your favorite food or beverage stay tasty?
  • Google Sky - Explore the solar system via Google.
  • World Population Clock & More - Ever rising numbers. We're doomed! Tip: Click words on left.
  • Top 500 Ranked Websites in the World - Ranking is based on traffic. You know what's #1! No, not Ebay.
  • Animal Cruelty Database Search - County search here.
  • Retail Me Not - Before shopping online, see if there's an online coupon code here first. SAVE MONEY!
  • Fark - Satirical views on interesting, bizarre and amusing stories.
  • Mug Shots - Civilian and celebrity categories. Pics that will make you say WOW!
  • Rotten Tomatoes - So I don't waste my time, I ONLY watch movies that only have a fresh tomato.
  • The Presurfer - The daily dose of diversion.
  • Pop vs Soda - What does your county or state call it?
  • Religion Maps - How religious is your state? Tip: Select a drop down menu option.
  • Arrow of Time - On June 17th, every year, this family has photographed themselves since 1976.
  • Oddee - The odd, bizarre and strange things of our world.
  • Snag Films Free Documentaries - If you like true life stuff, then this is the place for you. For example.
  • Flu Trends Map - Click the map to zoom in and check if it's getting better or worse.
  • Television Tunes - I'm very impressed, they are ALL here. For example.
  • Celebrity Memoir - Recently passed on famous celebrities.
  • USA Gas Buddy - Find out the lowest gas prices in your area. Canada gas map here.
  • Get Human - When calling customer service, this tells you which buttons to push to get a human.
  • Pandora - Free internet music. Most of your favorites are searchable!
  • Top Ten Lists - Life on a short list.
  • Famous People with Disabilities - Wow, who knew?
  • Top Events USA - Top events and festivals across America
  • Customer Service Scoreboard - How do companies rank with their customer service?
  • People of Walmart - People never cease to amaze me!
  • The BIG Picture - News stories in photographs. Tip: Click "more photos" below each picture.
  • J Walk Blog - A very time wasting blog that you can get lost in. I know I do!
  • Keybr - How fast can you type? My record is 87 w.p.m with no errors.
  • Neave Planitarium - Cool interactive star map. Also check out the T.V.. Tip: Click on screen to change channel.
  • Antartica Cruise Pics - Alek Komar took a trip of a lifetime. Pictures are worth a thousand words.
  • Neatorama - A very entertaining site of web finds.
  • Shorpy - Old photographs. Always something interesting. Tip: Click on photo twice to enlarge really big.
  • Tossing Games - I will start off this web finds site with my own personal, most popular website.

    Check back daily to see if there's anything new!

  • Hammacher Schlemmer

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    My Web Find Tips

    Wanna learn a cool way of finding an .mp3 music file by searcing Google? Then search using the following format example for a song: index of turnthepage.mp3, replacing "turnthepage.mp3" with whatever song title that you want. Many times "index of xxxxxxxx.mp3" searches will bring up HUGE caches of .mp3 files free for the downloading or playing. Experiment with it. This can become addictive! That search in bold would help me find this mega cache of songs by Metallica. Make sure when you find a cache that it is truly an mp3 page by hovering over a file and noting that .mp3 shows up as the file extension in your lower left browser window. Some have started to set up fake pages that look like caches, but really aren't more than links to non-song sites. Have fun!

    Other Web Finds

  • Hollands Brook Metal Detectors - Top rated in the industry!
  • Fiberglass Tree Swings - The highest quality tree swing on the market!

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