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Missouri Marketplace FAQ

How old is the Missouri Marketplace website and why was it formed?

Missouri Marketplace as a whole came to be in February, 2005. In Oct. 2011, MMP switched from its Yahoo group format to the Facebook group format. We knew that all 3,500+ members wouldn't come over to Facebook, but it was the best move and we felt that we could exceed the previous 3,500 members that we had accrued in the past 6 years. In our first 3 days of the new FB format, we had already 730+ members, and 4 months in we exceeded 1,800 members. As of March 2014 we are over 8,000 members.

Why was an uncalled for post allowed to be posted on one of the boards?

The MMP admin and moderators do not monitor the board 24/7. Therefore, it's posible for a rogue post to slip through once in awhile. Once detected though, swift action is taken to delete such post and either warn or ban such member.

Can just my website link or Ebay auction link be posted on MMP?

Yes, as long as it is MMP related.

Can I include a link in my post to photos of the item(s) that I have for sale or trade?

Yes, this is allowed.

Can "information wanted" posts be posted on a MMP board?

Yes, these are allowed.

What about sold items?

Everyone is selling items at such a fast rate that unfortunately we as moderator's can't keep up by continuing to delete everyones sold posts (which includes the initial postings for such sold posts). Therefore, the responsibility will lie upon YOU as a seller to make sure that you delete all of your posts for items sold.

Why does the zip code have to go in every subject line?

This is no longer mandatory. This was only required when were were using Yahoo groups as our format, but now since we switched to the Facebook format in Oct. 2011, we no longer require it.

What do I do if I get unsolicitated replies from another MMP member?

If you get such unsolicitated replies from another member, then it is your responsibility to forward the email to the MMP Admin at Admin@MissouriMarketplace.net so that an investigation can be undertaken to see if the member should be moderated or banned. Unsolicited replies to other members are NOT allowed on MMP.

How do I prevent my inbox from being flooded with MMP posts?

THIS IS THE MOST ASKED QUESTION ON MMP. Posts can be turned off. You just click "Notifications" at the top of the Facebook group to change your settings.

What do I do if a member backed out or was a no show?

Let us know and we will help mediate the issue.

How long are photos hosted in the MMP photo gallery?

Until the member deletes them.

Who are the moderators of Missouri Marketplace?

Myself, Steve King as the MMP admin, Michael Barks and Rebecca Tison are the MMP moderators.

What about sales tax on sales on MMP?

Just like Ebay, Missouri Marketplace doesn't keep records on what members sell, nor does MMP report ones sales to the IRS. If a buyer pay you via money order, check or cash, then usually this IS NOT reported by the buyer. If a buyer pays you via PayPal, then this IS reported by PayPal. If you are selling something you own (obviously for less than you paid for it), this is not income. There is no profit -- only loss. If you are a business and reselling for a profit then taxes would apply. My advice is to keep from ever being audited, one should always report ALL of their earnings to the IRS and MO DOR.

As a rule of thumb, I always set aside from a sale transaction 6% for Missouri state tax and 19% for Federal tax.

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