Read this post right here about our censored, then deleted post on that metal detecting forum. Needless to say folks, THIS WORKS!!!

So you wanna find some new OLD metal detecting sites that haven't been searched and picked over with a metal detector, eh? Then search no future! This tool offered by is being offered to anyone that wants to find THE BEST OLD, UNSEARCHED METAL DETECTING SITES in the nation. Yep, even YOUR town and area has MANY of these sites that are calling for you to come search!

This proven tool will:

  • Give you locations to search weekly (many times daily). There are more than you can handle most of the time.
  • Give you locations that are over 50 years old (and better yet, locations that are way, way older than 1945 -- preferred sites)!
  • Give you mostly unsearched, virgin sites to metal detect! Another of favorite aspects of this tool.
  • Give you the exact location to go. No need to scour through and research historical maps anymore! This saves you A LOT of time. Once you have the data, just get in your vehicle, drive there and get out to start the hunt on OLD (mostly unsearched) virgin ground! It is your responsibility to obtain permission and recommended to do so. You are liable for your own actions. I am just providing the tool.
  • Give you the upper hand over other metal detectorists, since most don't likely use this tool since they don't know about it.

    The metal detecting industry is at many times very secretive. Many detectorists don't want to give up their secret locations. Since you now have access to this tool, you will NEVER need to worry about finding a location to hunt again! This metal detecting tool will BE YOUR BEST FRIEND!

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    So, now it is time to test drive the metal detecting location tool!

    1) Go to

    I am now liking Zillow's filtered search even better! 1) Search, 2) filter, 3) then click "more filters". Tweak it! Love it!!!

    2) Click on the For Sale tab, then search for a city/state. (for Zillow). For Realtor, you will need to click on the "advanced search" link first.
    3) For Zillow, click on "more” from the drop down menu at the top once the city results map comes up. For Realtor, skip to the next step.
    4) For Zillow, put in your selected date range. I usually search 1800 to 1930. For Realtor, select from the drop down menu 51+ years
    5) For Zillow, select the home type. For Realtor, select from the drop down menu “ANY” . See Tip #1 below.
    6) For Realtor you will need to type into the location box your location. For Zillow, you have already done this step.
    7) For Realtor you have the option to search a mile radius from the drop down.
    8) For Realtor, you can optional select other nearby cities to include in your search
    9) Click submit to find properties
    10) Both the photos and the listing itself will let you know how old the property is. Most listing will state the age of the property and if it is or isn’t a foreclosure. See Tip #2 below. 11) Both sites are constantly evolving, so these steps may change order or some steps be irrelevant. Either way, you get the idea and can figure out the work around once you get going. This was last updated 29SEP14.

    Stop by and check out my compilation of VDI / TID charts right here. Feel free to share!

    HERE IS THE TIP #1! You want to locate properties that are VACANT. How do you know if the search will show you a vacant property? Well, that is simple. There are 2 ways: 1) Foreclosed properties that show up in your search will be vacant and are owned by HUD (HUD Homes) or a BANK (Bank owned homes). These are preferred properties to metal detect and 99% of the time are vacant. You will be able to tell by looking at the interior photos in the listing. NOTE: Since just "foreclosed" properties doesn't seem to be generating any properties via a search, you need to select "All" and then look within the properties listing where it will state if it is a foreclosure or not. 2) If a property doesn't state "foreclosure" in the listing, then it is “sometimes” owned by an investor (someone who flips houses). To identify if it is vacant, look at the interior pictures provided in the search. If there is no furniture in the pictures in the listing, then the house is vacant. I would deem this type of properties "possibly" searchable 70% of the time. Once again, it is your responsibility to obtain permission and recommended to do so. You are liable for your own actions. I am just providing the tool.

    HERE IS THE 2ND TIP! Yes, you have selected 51+ year old properties from the drop down, but you really want properties (in my opinion) that are older than 1945. Sure, you can search properties up into the 1960s if you want, but the closer and closer you get to 1964, the less and less silver you will find. I personally don’t want to waste my time with those properties, since there are plenty of older properties coming on the market daily to search. The older the better to find more silver and old, valuable coins. So, since the drop down only shows 51+ year old properties, you will need to look WITHIN each listing to locate the age of the home. So for example, if today’s year is 2013, you will want to find properties that have an age of 68 years or more in the listing. My first ever search of a 10 mile radius netted me 10 “virgin”, foreclosed properties that were unoccupied that dated from 1897 to 1941. Needless to say, this was a detectorists dream!

    This tool is the dream child of my wife, a former real estate agent. She told me how this tool could locate very old, vacant, foreclosed properties. Feel free to share the tool page, since there are plenty of properties to go around. Only few currently use this tool, so you are in the minority and will have the upper edge on the other treasure hunters out there, since new properties are coming vacant by the second.

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