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Started by myself, Steve King from Hillsboro, Missouri (Jefferson County in east central Missouri); MissouriMetalDetecting.com aims to be a useful resource for Missourians who enjoy metal detecting or want to get into the metal detecting hobby. I used to own a White's Eagle II metal detector back in the 90s, and recently the urge to get back into the metal detecting hobby drove me to get a Fisher F2 metal detector after many months of research. I now have upgraded again to a Garrett AT Pro metal detector. Missouri Metal Detecting is a subsidiary of MissouriScenicRivers.com and MissouriArrowheads.com.

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Metal Detecting Forums:

Our MO Metal Detecting Group - Our main STATEWIDE Facebook forum!
Missouri Metal Detecting Facebook Page #1 - Just found this one (not us).
Missouri Relic Hunting Group - We recommend this group!
Treasure Net (Missouri) MD Forum - Lots to offer Missourians here!

St. Charles, Missouri Metal Detecting Group -
St. Charles, Missouri Metal Detecting Page -
Midwest Coin & Relic Hunters Forum - Based in St. Louis! Nice site!!
Midwest Coin/Relic Hunters Facebook Page - Based in St. Louis!
Springfield, MO Metal Detecting - Metal detecting in and around Springfield, Missouri
Blue Springs, MO Metal Detecting - Metal detecting in and around Blue Springs (Western MO)

Friendly Metal Detecting Forums
Find's Treasure Forums
Treasure Net Forums
American Detectorist Forums
Just Go Detecting Forums
Liberty Metal Detecting Forums
Treasure Depot Forum

Bounty Hunter Metal Detecting Forums - For Bounty Hunter metal detector users.
Fisher Metal Detecting Forums - For Fisher metal detector users.
Garrett's Metal Detecting Forums - For Garrett metal detector users.
Minelab Metal Detecting Forums - For Minelab metal detector users.
Teknetics Metal Detecting Forums - For Tecknetics metal detector users.
Tesoro Metal Detecting Forums - For Tesoro metal detector users.
Whites Metal Detecting Forums - For White's metal detector users.

Lesche Digger FB Page - The place to talk about the #1 Lesche Digger.

Selective Midwest Coin Selling Sites:

Mid Missouri Coins - All coins can be sold here.
Midwest Rare Coins - Columbia, Missouri.
Metal Detecting Forum Post on Selling Silver and Gold
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Hollands Brook Metal Detectors

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Missouri Metal Detecting Clubs & Treasure Hunters:

Midwest Coin Shooters - Florissant, Missouri. Established 1980.
417 Relic Hunters - Springfield, Missouri
Gateway Gold Prospectors - St. Louis, Missouri
Show Me Gold Prospectors - Kansas City, Missouri
MoKan Search and Recovery Metal Detector Club - Kansas City, MO
MO Treasure Hunters Directory - Profiles of individual treasure hunters and clubs in the state.

Missouri Metal Detecting Laws & Information:

Metal Detecting in Missouri State Parks - Which ones allow it. There are only 13.

Useful Metal Detecting References, Resources & Research:

ID ME - A unique facebook group for to help metal detectorists ID their finds.
How to Find Old Homes - A great video!
Metal Detector Comparison Tool - A great side by side comparison of most metal detectors.
Metal Detector Selector Tool - Let this tool decide what's best for you!
Flash Earth - Getting a GREAT aerial view of current sites.
USGS Map Search - Select your state, then type in your "city" in the Map Name box. You want to open (or download) the oldest map .pdf file. I found one for 1901 in Hillsboro. In the map it will show roads and houses. Black dots are current houses that were resided in at the time the map was made. If you find a map with white dots or squares, then those are usually vacant buildings like outbuildings (barns). Enjoy!
Most Metal Detector User Manuals - I am sure your manual is listed here!
Metal Detector VDI Chart List - The beginning of a large database!
Steve's Old, Vacant Property Metal Detecting Tool - This will soon be your best friend!
Official 2014 Whitman Redbook - This, for coins, is the bible! It gives you pricing by grade and the amount of coins struck. Pricing is based on metal prices and rarity. Always have an annual Whitman Redbook on hand!
Missouri Historical Maps - Great old maps with current overlays.
Cyndi's Missouri Maps - Awesome resource!
Holders for Coin Finds - This is where I, the webmaster, buy my coin holders for my coin finds. TIP: The Nickel holder can be used for pennies and dimes too.
Metal Detector Reviews - A great resource before buying.

Coinancials - - Find the value and mintage for your coin find. Most in-ground finds will range from an AG to EF condition. AG means "about good" and EF means "extra fine".

Rare Coins Reference Library - Online reference book site.
Do you want to WATERPROOF your Garrett Pro Pointer? Well, you will FIRST need to get one of these covers. Then you will want to get a can of black plasti dip and dip your covered garrett pro pointer like in this video here. Dip half in the solution, let dry, then dip the other end. Now, the guy in the video didn't use a custom cover before he dipped his garrett pro pointer, but I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IT. By covering it first, you won't need to do any taping of light, speaker holes or button; and you make peeling off the plasti dip to change the battery easier. Be sure to put a fresh battery in before you plasti dip the covered pointer. Once dry, you'll be able to fully submerge your Garrett Pro Pointer for use when water hunting with your Garrett AT Pro.

Statewide (Missouri) For Sale Listing Sites:

Columbia/Jeff. City MO Area (Central) Metal Detectors
Joplin, MO Area (Southwest) Metal Detectors
Kansas City, MO Area (West-Central) Metal Detectors
Lake of the Ozarks Area (Central) Metal Detectors
St. Joseph, MO Area (Northwest) Metal Detectors
St. Louis, MO Area (East-Central) Metal Detectors
Southeast, MO Area Metal Detectors
Springfield, MO Area (Southwest) Metal Detectors
Kirksville, MO Area (Northeast) Metal Detectors
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Beginner Metal Detecting Tools of the Trade:

STEP 1: Get a Good Beginners Metal Detector: After A LOT of research, it came down to 2 metal detectors that were the "best of the best" to choose from, since I am an intermediate detectorist with past experience (in the 90s I owned a White Eage II). Those two to choose from were the Fisher F2 and the Garrett Ace 250 metal detectors. Both have their loyal followings and raves and they are about a tie cost wise (~$200 shipped). After A LOT of research, I ended up buying the Fisher F2 (buy Fisher) with 8" coil and smaller spare 4" coil due to a faster response time on the machine, but that didn't leave me not wanting the Garrett Ace 250 (buy Garrett). However, I later upgraded to the Garrett AT Pro metal detector. Whatever you do, DON'T buy a cheapo metal detector from Radio Shack or a hobby store. You will need to spend at least $200 for one of these new metal detectors to be satisfied in the field (maybe $170 used). These metal detectors (and higher end ones) are available also in our store right here.

STEP 2: Get a Good Metal Detecting Soil Digging Tool: Scrap the cheap garden shovel idea. I put a lot of research again into the best digger and it came down for me to two of them. The first was the digger with the most votes, the Lesche digger; and the next was the newbie on the block, the Garrett Edge Digger. I really like the look of the Garrett Edge Digger (buy Garrett), and the price was a bit less than the Lesche digger (buy Lesche), but the Lesche has more reviews and can be substantiated. Once again, I will probably get both, one for me and one for my buddy detector. These diggers are available also in our store right here. The Lesche Digger is also available at www.LescheDigger.com.

STEP 3: Get a Good Metal Detecting Pin Pointer: Whatever you do, DO NOT buy the Fisher Pinpointer. If you get it free with a detector purchase, then fine, resell it and make a few bucks back. It is cheaply made and you will not be happy with your purchase. I would recommend that you save up to get the Garrett Pro Pointer. Sure, it costs more, but everyone raves about it and you never see a used Garret Pro Pointer (buy Garrett) for sale on Ebay (there is a reason for that). The Garrett pinpointer is available via here.

STEP 4: Get a Good set of Metal Detecting Headphones: For starting out (and for intermediates), these here headphones by Garrett are low cost and what I recommend. I personally own these and I think they are great for the price! I later upgraded to Garrett waterproof headphones (click here) to go along with my waterproof Garrett AT Pro,

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Quality Metal Detector Snap On Stands - Just what the doctor ordered! Quality "snap on" metal detector stands for your metal detector at a great affordable price. I bought me one today. It keeps your detector upright and from tipping over into the dirt, sand and mud. Many models are top heavy and this fixes that!

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