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Cornhole Carry Cases - Bags - Game Carrying Case


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Cornhole Carry Cases - Storage Bags - Game Carrying Case

We now give you a "width / gusset" choice. 8" for 1x3 framed ACO style boards or 10" (roomy)
for 1x4/2x4 framed boards. Select in drop down menu below when ordering.
A 9" gusset will be sent if you don't know the frame size.

~ Allow about 7-10 days for non-stocked custom orders to arrive in the U.S. via the U.S. Mail ~

Cornhole Carry Cases - Bags - Game Carrying Case CUSTOMIZE YOUR CARRY CASE COLORS -- (SCROLL DOWN) Cornhole Carry Cases - Bags - Game Carrying Case

Cornhole Carry Cases - Bags - Game Carrying Case

Cornhole Carry Cases - Bags - Game Carrying Case

$75 ea. + s/h

(~ 7 in stock ready to ship ~)

(25" x 50" x 10")

Select Carry Case Color
! Select Drop Down For More Options !

* Deluxe Series Case Carries Two 2' X 4' Boards
*Strong, Nylon "Black" Handles
* Strong, Adjustable "Black" Shoulder Strap
* Reinforced lower, inside corners (example)
* 2-way #10 "Black" Zipper
* Heavy duty 600 denier
* Generation 3 Carry Case
* USA Made
* Durable Polyester w/ vinyl backing

Cornhole Carry Cases - Bags - Game Carrying Case

CORNHOLE BOARDS TIP: Beware of buying or building cornhole boards that have corners known as "bag busters". This trend is becoming more and more common by builders who are more concerned about quantity than quality. It is also very common by a newbie cornhole board builder who just doesn't know any better. What are "bag buster" corners? This is a term coined by myself (Steve King) and are board corners that have not been routed and/or sanded and still have a sharp point. When a corn bag is tossed at a board from the regulation 27', it may hit that sharp corner just right and put a hole in a corn bag, or even worse bust the corn bag. In addition, "bag buster corners" can poke or wear holes in your cornhole carry case corners and side-ends no matter how durable the fabric is. In October 2012 we started making "Generation 2" carry cases with reinforced lower corners to combat premature corner wear of the carry case and also 4" longer carry handles due to customer requests. In July 2013 we adjusted the cases again size wise, hence our "Generation 3 Series". If you do have a set of boards that were made with this "bag buster" problem, then there is a way that you can extend the life of your carry case. Use the above pictured "upside down method" when putting boards in the case. Evenly slip the case down over the boards so the corners don't rub the ends. When taking out your boards from the case, pull them out also evenly. If it is possible for you to sand your board corners without ruining the look of your boards, then do so. It will save you a lot of money in bags in the long run.

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Here are some "deluxe" case examples
that our customers have custom ordered for their 2'x4' regulation boards.

Cleveland Browns

Michigan Wolverines

North Carolina Tar Heels

Oregon Ducks

U.S. Navy
West Virginia Mountaineers

Green Bay Packers
Baylor University Bears

U.S. Army
Missouri Tigers
Pittsburgh Steelers

Hunting / Outdoorsman

Arkansas Bears

Hunting / Outdoorsman

U.S. Air Force
Detroit Lions

Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans
New England Patriots

Hunting / Outdoorsman

Atlanta Falcons
North Carolina State Wolfpack
University of Georgia Bulldogs
South Carolina Gamecocks

New York Jets

Atlanta Falcons

New York Giants

New England Patriots
American / Patriotic

Texas A&M Aggies

Oakland Raiders

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Here are some "deluxe" case examples
that our customers have custom ordered for their shorter 2'x3' tailgate boards.

Washington Redskins

Atlanta Falcons
North Carolina State Wolfpack
University of Georgia Bulldogs
South Carolina Gamecocks

U.S. Navy
West Virginia Mountaineers

Virginia Tech Hokies

North Carolina Tar Heels


Top Selling Cornhole Carry Case
Custom, Dual Color, Premium-Deluxe Series Carry Case Ordering
We can do many color combinations (see color list below)

Deluxe Carry Case Features
* Many sold to very satisfied customers!
* Generation 3 Carry Case (Started July 30, 2013)
* Reinforced lower corners
* Proudly custom made in the USA!
* Highest quality carry case anywhere, period.
* Heavy duty 600 denier Polyester w/ vinyl backing
* Strong Nylon "Black" Handles (now 4" longer!)
* Adjustable "Black" Shoulder Strap
* 2-way #10 "Black" Zipper

Deluxe Carry Case Sizes & Fees
(25" x 50" x 10" - Fits Two 2'x4' Regulation Boards with 1x4 or 2x4 sides)* - $75/$85
(25" x 38" x 10" - Fits Two 2'x3' Tailgate Boards with 1x4 or 2x4 sides)* - $70/$80
*( 8" or 9" wide cases are offered at no extra charge.
9" must be requested. 8" is sent for 1x3 ACO type frames )

(Custom Size - Email to Discuss - Custom fees apply**)
**Customization fee waived for thinner 8" or 9" cases.
Read below "Sizing Note" in updates section.

(3-Color, besides Patriotic - Email to Discuss - $15 extra customization fee)

~ Allow about 7-10 days for non-stocked custom orders to arrive in the U.S. via the U.S. Mail ~

NOTE: Browse updates below before ordering.

For 1 carry case: USA Shipping is $14.95, Canada shipping is $40.00 USD.

Deluxe Zipper Top Carry Case
!~! Select This Drop Down For More Options !~!
What Size are the Boards Side Frames
!~! Select This Drop Down For Options !~!
Thinner than a 1x3 side frames, email to discuss your options.
Denote Body and Gusset Colors
Example: Body: Red, Gusset: Royal Blue
Who Referred You (optional)?


The normal manufacturing time + shipping for a custom colored cornhole carry case is around 2 weeks to arrive to your door once ordered. With this "optional" extra $15 expedite fee, this will put your cornhole carry case ahead of the manufacturing line and cut down on the arrival to about 1 week. If you are in a super hurry, then we do keep a few various colored cornhole carry cases pre-made up listed at the top of this page for immediate shipment.



Example 1 - Example 2 - Example 3
Example 4 - Example 5 - Example 6 - Example 7 - Example 8 - Example 9

We can embroider most logos onto the centered body of a carry case for $40 extra per side. We will embroider the image as large as possible up to 8"x12". Keep in mind that if selected, this process adds about 1 week extra to the making of your custom case. If we can't embroider your logo, then we will contact you to see if you either want a full refund or just the embroidery fee refunded. 90% of the time though we can do a request. For sports logos, we refer customers to the website If you find the logo you want from there (or elsewhere online), then please copy and paste the link below in the order block. If you don't hear from us in a few days, then you'll have a green light that we can do it. Please make sure the link is to a quality resolution .jpeg, .png or .gif image. The larger the better. You can also email us the image at if you want to discuss it further.

How many body sides?
Paste image link - jpg png gif
What are the logo colors?



Go check out our extraordinary cornhole player pics on our other site!

Email Steve at w/ questions

23 Colors & Updates!

Red (ex.), Burgundy, Fluorescent (Hunter) Orange (ex.), New Gold (ex.), Regular Orange (ex.), Yellow (ex.), Olive, Hunter Green (ex.), Kelly Green, Royal Blue, Navy Blue (ex.), Purple (ex.), Taupe, Tan, Dark Brown (ex.), Gray (ex.), Charcoal, White, Black (ex.), Woodland Camo ex., light blue (limited, gussets only), backwoods camo (+$10 - ex.), also called Realtree, and now soft pink ex. ..... (see all colors)

What are our cornhole carry case differences? Click Here!

COLOR NOTE: None of our fabrics are a 100% color match to any sports team or affiliation. Keep that in mind when you are ordering that the color of the fabric may be close, but not dead on. Many sports team colors are proprietary.

COLOR NOTE: In regards to the color GOLD, it seems that there are two golds being used on the market in football teams, old gold and regular gold (or new gold). We currently don't offer the "OLD GOLD" carry case color for the St. Louis Rams, New Orleans Saints and Purdue. The only gold that we carry is the gold for the US Army and Mizzou (as pictured above in carry case examples an on our swatch link below), which we would deem to regular gold (or new gold). If you want the "OLD GOLD" as a carry case body or gusset, then please know that we are working on locating a comparable material. In the meantime, a single colored instead of a dual colored carry case (i.e. Black Body, Black Gusset) may be an solution.

SIZING NOTE: Our 25"x50"x10" GEN3 cornhole carry case can accommodate just about any size boards (1/2" top (common), 3/4" top, 1"x4" sides (common), 2"x4" sides (common) or 1"x3" ACO type sides). However, we understand that some folks who have 1"x3" framed boards don't want a carry case designed 10" wide (our standard size). Therefore, we now offer a custom "exception" for an 8" wide carry case at no extra charge. To get an 8" wide carry case for 1"x3" framed boards vice a 10" wide carry case, just select 1x3 framed boards from the drop down when order. If you desire a 9" wide case (GEN2) which is snug for 1x4/2x4 sided boards are very roomy for 1x3 sided boards, then select "I do not know" for the frame size when ordering and you will recieve a 9" wide version. These are the only custom sizes outside of our regular sizes that we will make without a customization fee (details below in this paragraph). The custom 8" wide size is NOT for 1x4 or 2x4 framed boards (too tight). If you have boards that would fit better in a custom sized cornhole carry case in a size other than that or what we offer, then email us to discuss your custom sized carry case. We can customize a size closer to your liking. However, custom fees apply since we have to make a template (and there may be extra material costs). We recommend designing a carry case 1-2" larger than both of your boards back to back. So, if your boards placed together are 4" wide, then we recommend your carry case to be 5"-6" wide (your call). 1" is snug, 2" is roomy. Our new GEN3 carry cases can now accommodate boards that have a 3/4" top.

WEIGHT LIMITS: We've been asked time and time again "can the carry cases handle the load for two regulation boards that are built with a 2x4 frame and weigh 60-85 lbs"? The answer is "Yes, they can in our deluxe carry case model when the shoulder strap is used in conjunction with the carry handles". In our "Generation 3" deluxe carry cases, we have reinforced inside lower corners, strong carry handles, and a shoulder strap to take the heavy load.

RESELLER & WHOLESALER OPTIONS: You have a couple of options to make money from the high quality deluxe cornhole carry cases. You can buy them in bulk 25 deluxe cornhole carry cases at a time for only $55 SHIPPED per case (USA ONLY) or 50 deluxe carry cases for $50 SHIPPED per case (USA ONLY). Any use of Backwoods Camo is $10 more per case. Option #2: If you don't want to buy in bulk, then I can drop ship for you like I do some of my other customers shown here. If this is something that interests you, then email me (Steve) at I will send you the word free photos for your website and we'll talk about how the drop ship program works. The use this bulk pricing, business check, cashiers check or money order only please since paypal fees have been removed to offer this special pricing. If you want to paypal for a bulk order, then please add 2.9% to your payment.

REFUNDS & EXCHANGES: 25"x50"x10" (2'x4') unused carry case returns made within 30 days have a 25% restocking fee. There are no returns after 30 days. Buyer pays return shipping fees. All other sizes can not be refunded/exchanged due the likelihood of it not being able to be resold.

  • Up until now we have offered a 3-color option in a carry case only in the patriotic version for $10 more. That pricing will remain the same. However, we now will offer any other 3-color carry case option for $15 more. Due to scrap, we have to charge the extra amount. That would be body side #1 one color, body side #2 another color and the ENTIRE upper and lower gusset a 3rd color. If you wanted to do the gusset like the patriotic case (halved, see pic here), then that is an extra $20 charge (except for the patriotic case). You must email us to be invoiced for this 3-color custom case and to discuss. Contact us at

  • "100% Unused" carry case returns made within 30 days have a 25% restocking fee. Used carry cases (even once) can't be returned. There are no returns after 30 days. Buyer pays return shipping fees.

  • If you are buying a few carry cases for gifts, then we now offer 6 months no payments or interest when you check out via paypal. See the details via the banner at the top of this page or in the button banners below many of the paypal "add to cart" buttons on this site.

  • Though not affiliated with us, we would like to you to check out another Cornhole Carry Case supplier at as an alternative to our high quality cornhole boards carry case. Those at that site are imported from China and are not customizable like ours. If you need sports graphics (decals) for your boards, then check out

  • If you painted your boards and didn't coat your boards with poly, then make 100% sure your paint is not tacky, even in the slightest, and is 110% fully cured. If it is even the slightest bit tacky, then it is not recommend that you use one of our carry cases until it is absolutely cured. Heat build up in the case can cause a slightly tacky board to stick to the cases vinyl interior over time. A few ways to be sure you don't have tacky paint is to not use dark colors (since they can take a long time to fully cure) and set your boards out in the the direct sunlight for an extended period of time to fully dry, or poly-coat your painted boards (i.e. Polycrylic, 3 to 5 coats). Poly alleviates any sticking problems and further protects your paint job (plus at the same time gives you slide on your boards). All boards with decals should already have a poly-coat over them.

  • Starting October 1st, 2012 we started making our "Generation 2" carry cases. The difference between our GEN2 and our GEN1 cases were that we have reinforced the inner, lower 2 side corners of the carry case to minimize premature wear. We also improved the case by adding 4" to each of the carry handles per past customer requests. In July of 2013, we made another adjustment to the case size wise, hence our "Generation 3 Series Model" All custom ordered carry cases will be GEN3 cases. "Custom ordered" means it will take us 7 to 10 days to make your case before it can ship.

  • For those who may be ordering the color "white" as a gusset color, you will now have the option to have it as entirely white (as in the past) or the gusset partially white (upper zippered half). The reason being is that many people may not want the color white to sit directly on the ground. So, the bottom half gusset of the carry case would be the same color as the body. When ordering white as a gusset, be sure to state "FULL Gusset: White" or "PARTIAL Gusset: White" in the provided box. This partial gusset option ONLY pertains to the color white. If you don't state, then you will receive a "Full" white gusset.

  • We can now custom embroider custom carry cases (example 1 -- example 2 -- example 3). See this pic or word document for pricing and carry case locations. If you want to have your cornhole carry case embroidered, then you must email us at to discuss. It will take us a few days to check to make sure we have the artwork. If all is confirmed, then we will invoice you the grand total via PayPal. Do not check out via the paypal button(s) on this site. Also, this option is only for custom made carry cases. We can not embroider any carry cases that are already made and ready to ship. This (embroidering) option will add a few extra days in the customization process. Once it is complete though, you surely will have a cornhole carry case like no other.

  • We now offer a unique, patriotic red, white and blue carry case for $10 more. See pic above.

  • We also make carry cases for washer boards and boxes at and carry cases for the Humps Poker Throw Game.

  • Hey North Carolina players, we now have light blue! (ex.)

  • Hey hunters, we now have Backwoods Camo fabric, also called Realtree. There is a $10 extra fee for any use of it, unlike with woodland camo, but it is an nice option. (ex.)

    See our color swatch pic here.

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    Cornhole Carry Cases - Bags - Game Carrying Case

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    Cornhole Carry Cases - Bags - Game Carrying Case

    Cornhole Game

    Cornhole Boards Carry Cases - Bags

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    If you have questions, then contact Steve at

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    Unused carry case returns made within 30 days have a 25% restocking fee. There are no returns after 30 days. Buyer pays return.
    Non-standard sizes can't be refunded/exchanged due the likelihood of it not being able to be resold.

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