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Discounted tree swings on this page are listed here because they may exhibit "moderate" or "multiple minor" checking (cracking) from the normal seasoning process. Some seats have less than a moderate crack, but we felt that it was justified to list it on the sale page since it was less than non-sale quality and more of a cosmetic issue. Swing seats on this page will be discounted 30-50% off the normal price. Checking (cracking) from the wood seasoning process is normal and shouldn't affect the seat's structural integrity as long as the seat is maintained (see below red). As the swings dry (season) after being cut from the tree log, the wood shrinks in width and radially around the heart of a disc swing seat. As tension develops in the wood due to shrinkage, the swing splits to relieve tension. These splits or cracks are known as "checks" and are more visible in our rustic, round swing pieces. Some only do it minorly, but every so often some swing seats that we make do this "checking" moderately. Therefore, those are only listed here. To extend the life of your seat, we recommend applying a coat of Helmsman Spar Urethane (gloss) with a foam brush or microfiber pad to your hung seat every October. Your sale swing seat comes precoated with 4 generous coats of Helmsman SPAR "gloss" urethane.

"Swing seats sold on this sale page are exempt from our 30-day return policy."


Walnut Swing
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1 Swing

Main Flaw:
Seasoning Crack

Here we have one of our 12" round x 3" thick walnut swing seats. It has a seasoning crack from the drying process on one side. This seat is now fully seasoned and the crack should not spread anymore. It is still very strong and as long as maintained annually with a coat of spar gloss urethane, it will last for years to come. It has been marked down 50% off of its original price. The rope hole in the seat is 1" for use with 3/4" rope. If you select to buy with with our rope, then the rope that we sell is 3/4" manila fiber rope. All sales are final and there are no warranties due to this being a sale item.

COLOR: Natural

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